Occupational Medicine for Employers, Businesses, and Corporate Accounts

Our focus is on prevention to ensure workplace safety through our expert clinical services in occupational medicine. We provide compassionate care for employees and business needs, offering solutions to occupational health. Our team of skilled providers evaluates work environments and implements health promotion programs to advance the well-being of the entire workforce. We work with employers to assess risk factors and establish safety programs for secure and productive workplaces.

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Our dedicated medical group supports the complete spectrum of workers’ health & wellness needs:
Screenings for exposure to work related hazards such as asbestos, lead, and more.
Confidential medical exams to assess if a health problem is work related.
Assistance with Workers’ Compensation and other benefits.
Coordination of care with specialty practices.
Disease prevention programs
Diagnosis and treatment of work-related hazards.

We Know OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
Our occupational medicine experts are well-versed in OSHA regulations and strive to quickly return employees to work without any downtime. Injuries or illnesses can hinder an employee’s ability to perform daily tasks. Ergonomics involves designing work assignments that suit the capabilities and limitations of the human body, aiming to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety while reducing fatigue and discomfort for workers. Poor ergonomics can lead to decreased productivity and safety issues in the workplace, but ergonomic improvements can improve worker satisfaction and maximize workflow. A comprehensive occupational medicine plan not only promotes employee health but also ensures their happiness and the success of the company.