Patient Aftercare Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care

We offer a top-notch aftercare program for all of our patients at the urgent care facility. We diligently follow up after your appointment to check on your well-being and offer assistance with any lingering issues. If we notice that you or a family member are not improving with the initial treatment, we may recommend a follow-up visit to address and alleviate your symptoms. Upon discharge, we provide comprehensive information about your condition or injury to ensure that all your at-home care questions are answered and addressed.

Our Aftercare Services:
2 day post visit follow up
Refer patients to primary care physicians to establish
Refer patients to specialists for follow up care
Setup appointments for patients, or send referrals to physicians

In addition, our urgent care has a wonderful rapport with our local medical community. Our physicians and professional medical team will help set you up with the right connection for you and your family.